Thuismakers Collectief

Thuismakers Collectief

My very first internship in the graphic design world was at a company called intercrawl. But the whole internship I worked for Thuismakers collectief. Thuismakers collectief is committed to researching and promoting home feel. Through - asked and unsolicited, independent and in collaboration - performing projects, researching, writing and talking. We see home feel as a foundation for a viable city that people can make themselves.

My very first assignment was to set up a housestyle for the Thuismakers Collectief. They had so many different products but didn't know what fonts or font sizes they used. To stop the confusion, I created a sheet with the rules of the house style. 

Huisstijl thuismakers collectief

House Style

The rules of documents and website

After that I was asked to create some pdf books for on the website. Making a research look nice and readable. Offcourse I needed to keep the rules I made. I learned a lot of skill and trics with the program called Idesign. I also learned that I am a perfectionist. Because of that it took longer to finish but it looked good.

Thuismakers collectief cover

Thuismakers collectief intro and index

Thuismakers collectief layout

I also got the assignment to make a tagcloud design for on the website. For this design I looked to what thuismakers collectief now was. And the idea came to me to make a window were you would look in the house. Because the words would descripe a home feel. It took me a long time to create the window. I never worked with vector images. Wich basicly means they can be scaled as large as you want without losing quality. So after some home study I figured it out. And see below the tagcloud in use with the window design.

Thuismakers collectief Tagcloud

My last assignment on this internship was to create a facebook profielpicture. I did some research about what they wanted and created four designs. They eventualy choose the left bottom one.

Thuismakers collectief facebook profielpicture

I did make a report for school. You can read this report here on issuu or beneath this text. But the report itself is in Dutch. You can truly see the housestyle back in the report. Wich was part of the school assignment.

They also asked me to make some portraits of watercolor for them. But after some testing and making some they didn't like my style enough to continue with it. They wanted a style that already excisted but I couldn't achieve that effect. You are able to see the portrets that I made in my report on the end and in a seperate blog.

I really enjoyed the freedom I got during this internship. It gave me a lot of oppurtunities to take some home studies. But after this I also learned that it is better to follow an internship at a place were they have graphic designers. Overal a fun experience.

Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor Portraits